If you are Sorting

Cytopeia Influx  and Moflo High Speed Sorter
Sample Cell concentration- 5-10 million cells per ml in 12x75mm
Polypropelene tubes. Cells can be in regular media with 5%FCS or less.

Tubes for collection of sorted cells- 12x75mm tubes, and 15ml 
centrifuge tubes. Collection tubes should some have media in them (approximately 1ml for 12x75mm tubes, 2-3 ml for 15ml tubes.
Media in the collection tubes can have more than 5%FCS.
We also recommend you add pen/strep or other antibiotics to collection medium.

How many cells should you prepare?- The Influx Sorter can process 40-60 million cells per hour for primary cells at system pressures of 50PSI. Larger cells and “sticky” cell samples may require significantly lower data rates.

Always put your samples through a 40um mesh.

Always put your samples through a 40um mesh.

Bring additional collection tubes, pippetes, pippeters.
Bring additional collection media in a 50ml centrifuge tube.
Always Bring control cells, unstained sample(s) as well as relevant single fluorescence samples for compensation.

We do not have any tissue culture facilities.